Concerts in Chicago March 2017

Concerts in Chicago March 2017

Chicago is the city that holds more music festivals than any other city in the states, sometimes holding multiple music festivals in one week in summer and continues these festivals the rest of the year, not even leaving January. So it is safe to say that a concert held in Chicago is bound to exceed your expectations and sure to fulfill its promise of a night of heart racing, thrilling performances. If you’re out of town and looking for a great time than a Chicago concerts is just the thing to get you acclimates to your surroundings because these locals hold a great love of music. And if you find yourself having a hard time navigating through a new town than Limousine service Raleigh is the perfect way to get to wherever you want.

Concerts in Chicago never disappoint as they host the most talented performers to set your heart souring with their brilliant ‘on stage’ aura and amazing retinue of songs that leave you wanting more. What’s more s that there is virtually no month in Chicago when a concert in not held so you can book a concert for any month of the year and you’d still have a wide range of singers to choose from and if you find yourself finding it hard to find convenient commute around the city then limo service Raleigh is the perfect option for you as it offers a safe and reliable transport to all its clients.

Here are a few of the performers that are gonna be serenading Chicago with their awesome songs this month in March 2017:

Bon Jovi:

There is no way you can attend a Bon Jovi concert and not feel thrilled and as if you’ve had the best night of your life because Bon Jovi’s charismatic and charming ‘on stage’ personality and consuming songs make it impossible. Back with an arsenal of hair metal anthems, this performer is sure draw you in with his amazing songs both old and new that make you want to shout them out along with him and also jump up and down, feet thumping on the floor with each beat and rhythm.

Ariana Grande + Little Mix + Victoria Monet:

It is not just Ariana Grande, it is also Little Mix and Victoria Monet, all performing in the same night, what more could you asks for? Back with a brand new album Dangerous Women, Ariana Grande really sets you heart beating in over time with her deep lyrics and intense music with songs like Dangerous Women and Let Me Love You while bringing out playful side of her personality with songs like Side To Side and Into You. While she’s dancing on stage in her signature Sinatra heels, you’ll want to join her, singing along at the top of your lungs and feet moving in time with the beat, she draws you in with her Mariah Carey style melodies. Little Mix is also performing which means you’ll get a live performance of their latest hit Shout Out to My Ex and hear Victoria Monet sing her R&B songs that really pluck at your heart strings.

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