Concerts in Chicago This March

Concerts in Chicago March 2017

What better way to greet spring than some of the best concerts in town, performed by a ton of talented musicians? Over the years Chicago has been known to host multiple talented and popular performers for its concerts and this year is no different with people like Bon Jovie, Mariah Carey and Ariana Grande coming out to strum your heart strings. With people like these showing you are bound to have a great time and sure to walk away with great memories. So go ahead and book your tickets for your desired concert and if you’re worried about how to get there then airport limo service New York and Limo rental New York are reliable and convenient sources to navigate through the streets of Chicago.

Here is a list of some the ‘worth going’ concerts in Chicago in March 2017 that you might like to go to and for your convenience New York airport limo offers its services to make sure your get to where you want:

Bon Jovie:

Nothing says a good time like a Bon Jovie concerts. His explosive on stage personality and songs that make you sing along are both plausible reasons why people attending the concert walk away with amazing memories and night well spent having enough fun to last a decade. ‘You give love a bad name’ and ‘It’s my Life’ are only some of the amazing song from his arsenal that he’s going to be serenading you with as he’s newly equipped with a plethora of hair metal anthems that will rock your soul.

Regina Spektor:

Back with a brand new album after four whole years, the anti-folk singer and pianist is back with a collection of sweet melodies that are sure to melt your heart with their delicacy. Remember us to Life is her welcome album and t beautifully encapsulates her quirky charm and contemporary leaning music.

Lionel Richie + Mariah Carey:

Hello? Is it an awesome night of fun you’re looking for? Well, look no further because R&B star Lionel Richie and Pop diva Mariah Carey are both performing in the same night. Both great performers in their own respect, Lionel Richie calls you to join in on his completely accurately named All The Hits Tour and promises you an enjoyable time while Mariah Carey sets your heart a flutter with her amazing performance, seemingly recovered from last year’s lip sync gaffe.


Back after more than two decades with their newest album FLOTUS, these country singers are changing it up and bringing electronic music to the mix while still retaining some of the charm and flare from their routes. This won’t be a night of regrets as Lambchop is sure to get your heart’s pumping ad feet thumping with their songs.

Ariana Grande + Little Mix + Victoria Monet:

Ariana Grande is here to get your hearts beating faster with a thrilling night of amazing songs from her latest album Dangerous Women. With songs like Into You, Side To Side and Dangerous Women, you’ll never want to step outside the concert hall as nothing says amazing night out like an Ariana Grande concerts, her songs will make you want sing and dance right along with her. Add to that Little Mix will also be performing and singing all their hits like Shout Out to My Ex. R&B singer and song writer Victoria Monet will also be performing.