What NOT to Do at a Music Festival You Are Performing At

Music Festival

There is always talk about what a band is supposed to do when performing in a music festival but nobody ever talks about what a band is not supposed to do. Here we have a set of things we think you should best avoid when your band is playing live in front of an audience so keep reading.

It is important to make sure that your performance on stage is good but it is just as important to ensure that you’re off stage antics prove to the people that have approved of your band that they can book you again the following year.

Don’t be Late

People that host music festivals and gigs of any sort arrive early on locations for a good reason. It is to make sure that everything is set up properly before the show begins and that is why the least you can do is do the same thing. It doesn’t only show that you care but also that you are a professional in your line of work. This will ensure that you have no screw ups during the performance as you will have plenty of time to set up your gear on stage and to make sure that everything is working fine.

Only be late if you have a legitimate excuse for it and even then try to avoid it as much as you can. If you have an emergency and you can’t make it on time or at all, then call the managers of the event to let them know that you will be late so that they can move things around and fill the empty spot you can no longer make it in time for.

Don’t Take Advantage of the Guest List

When an artist is performing, it seems easy to bring any guests that he wants but it is not something that should be done in a big level. Bringing one or two guests is fine but bringing a whole group of friends is simply taking advantage of your position especially if the guests you bring in don’t pay money for their spots. If they pay, bring as many as you want but if they don’t, do not invite them to the festival and take advantage of the sponsors.

Don’t Drink Extra

If you are someone that likes getting wasted at every party you ever visit then try to refrain from alcohol altogether at a music festival that you are going to be performing at. But if you don’t then only drink the minimum amount of alcohol as it will severely impact how well or how bad you play at your turn.

Don’t Overstay

If you are attending the festival with friends then book transport from Limo Rental Bus Chicago and have it on standby while you perform. This way you will have a safe space to store your equipment while you enjoy the rest of the festival after your performance. Remember that you don’t need to stay longer unless you want to.

Just stay as long as you have fun.