Things to Know Before Your First Concert

Music Festival

It is a matter of importance to be prepared before you attend your first ever concert. If you aren’t prepared for what is going to come next, the concert can be quite tricky for you. You might end up with people who were equally unprepared with no seat whatsoever. You should know that it’s going to be a long night but also one you won’t end up regretting. Let’s talk about the things you need to be prepared for.

How to Dress

The main thing to keep in mind about a concert is that despite being a lot of fun, they are extremely exhausting as you have to wait in lines and stand the whole night as there are no seats in a concert hall. This is why it is important that you dress comfortably, this rule doesn’t only apply to clothes but also the shoes that you wear. You must pay attention to comfort over fashion. Wearing open toe shoes as well as heels will be the death of your feet for at least 3 days after the concert. Wear something light and carry a light bag with only the things you need the most in it.

When to Arrive at the Venue

The best advantage of general admission tickets for a concert is the possibility of standing close to the stage without being charged extra for it. All you have to do is arrive at the concert hall early in a Limo Bus Chicago and you are guaranteed a spot in close to your favorite band for the night. Remember that everyone else is also trying to do the same for the concert which is why you must be extra careful.

Breathing Room

Know that you need to protect your space while you are at the concert so that you can enjoy the concert. Try not to get pushed or squeezed and keep your legs shoulder width apart so that you have some breathing room and don’t start feeling faint in the crowd.

Avoid Violence

People tend to push their way to the front during a concert with general admission tickets which is why you need to maintain calm and avoid violence as much as possible. Those who get violent risk getting thrown out of the concert without any refunds for their tickets.

Knowing the Band

The worst thing that you can do is go to a concert where you don’t know the songs or the band playing them. If you don’t know the lyrics, you risk looking stupid in front of people. In order to have the most fun at a concert, try listening to the music so that you know the words of the song. Singing along with the audience during a concert is an experience on its own that cannot be replaced.


You need to be active during concerts to have the most fun. Dance around, wave your hands up in the air and sway to the music. Don’t just stand in a crowd, make the most of the night.

And do tell us what your first ever concert experience was like.